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  • 2 years warranty
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Shipping & Returns

When will my order be shipped? 
You can pay in advance by Paypal or bank transfer. After placing an order you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the total cost, including shipping, stated.
Once Flits & Flash has received your payment, we will process your order taking. If the items you ordered are in stock we will ship it as soon as possible, otherwise we will within 2 working contact you. 
Our standard delivery time is 3-4 working days.
Shipping Information  
DE=Germany,AT=Austria,BE=Belgium,CH=Switzerland,CZ=Czech Republic,DK=Denmark,EE=Estonia,ES=Spain,FI=Finland,FR=France,GB=Great Britain, HU=Hungary, IE=Ireland, IT=Italy, LU=Luxembourg, LV=Latvia, NL=Netherlands, 
NO=Norway, PL=Poland, PT=Portugal, RO=Romania, SE=Sweden,Sl=Slovenia, SK=Slovakia, MT=Malta, LT=Lithuania, HR=Croatia, CY=Cyprus,GR=Greece

Standard walimex shipment from €1000.00 free delivery

  • DU €0,00 free
  • GB, IE €9,50
  • FI,PL,PT,SE,EE,HU,LT,LV,SI,RO €15,00
  • ES,IT €9,50
  • NL €6,95
  • BE, LU €6,95
  • FR €9,50
  • CZ = €12,50
  • CH = Zwitserland €18,50 (Customs costs for customer)
  • AT, DK = €9,50
  • MT, HR = €17,90
  • For sending outside Europe, please contact us info@walimex-webshop.com

Shipping costs for Paul C. Buff Products small packages t/m 2 KG

  • GB, IE 13,00
  • DU €9,80
  • FI,PL,PT,SE,EE,HU,LT,LV,SI,RO €15,00
  • ES,IT €13,00
  • NL €6,95
  • BE, LU €13,00
  • FR €13,00
  • CZ = €18,50
  • CH = Zwitserland €18,50 (Customs costs for customer)
  • AT, DK = €13,00
  • MT, HR = €17,90

Shipping costs for Paul C. Buff Products normal and large packages t/m 10 KG

  • GB, IE €18,00
  • DU €16,50
  • FI,PL,PT,SE,EE,HU,LT,LV,SI,RO €19,00
  • ES,IT €18,00
  • NL €6,95
  • BE, LU €15,00
  • FR €18,00
  • CZ = €25,00
  • CH = Zwitserland €25,00 (Customs costs for customer)
  • AT, DK = €18,00
  • MT, HR = €20,00


Shipping costs for Paul C. Buff Products normal and large packages longer than 120 cm the 86” Umbrella.

  • GB, IE €25,00
  • DU €22,00
  • FI,PL,PT,SE,EE,HU,LT,LV,SI,RO €27,00
  • ES,IT €25,00
  • NL €15,00
  • BE, LU €23,00
  • FR €23,00
  • CZ = €37,00
  • CH = Zwitserland €37,00 (Customs costs for customer)
  • AT, DK = €29,00
  • MT, HR = €30,00


If the item is not in stock 
If the item is not in stock, we will order the importer.
You will always be informed by mail. If you want to cancel this order is possible and will contact you by email to respond.


Warranty and repairs 
Walimex.com has its own service center and have a full 18 months warranty.
If your product has a manufacturing defect within 18 months, will walimex perform the repair
free of charge or replace the product. After 18 months, a repair will be carried at cost (after consultation with the customer).

Return Policy 

-Before your return shipping, you must first contact Flashes & Flash through an e-mail or telephone contact.

Return goods must be received within 30 days from the day the goods are delivered.

Products are good and properly packaged to be returned along with the orignele invoice.

 -Returned items must be sent back undamaged and the packaging must be complete and undamaged.

 -Equipped with all enclosed components (eg manuals, cables).

-Consumables can not be returned, such as paper, batteries, lamps and flash tubes.

-If your return is affected by damage will Flashes & Flash deduct such damages.

 -We encourage you to send your return insured since you are responsible.

 -You have your shipment with clear sender.

 -If the item to the above conditions will a refund within 10 days.

 -A return can be sent to the following address:

Flits & Flash
Ellekomstraat 64
2573XG The Hague
Cancelling an order 
You have placed an order but the payment has not yet met us and want to cancel.
This is not a problem, you can read phone or e-mail contact us. You will need your order number so we can cancel your order.