Professional tip: Light Shooter

Professional tip: Light Shooter

The Light Shooter is the perfect link between a system flash and a studio flash. Small and compact like the well known shoe mount flashes,

Professional tip: Light Shooter

Compact like a system flash, powerful like a studio flash

The Light Shooter is the perfect link between a system flash and a studio flash. Small and compact like the well known shoe mount flashes, but also powerful and multi-purpose like a studio flash.

With its flash output of 180 Ws or 360 Ws, the Light Shooter can easily compete with smaller studio flashes – and this with just the size of a shoe mount flash. It is therefore the ideal companion when flexibility and mobility matters, e.g. for outdoor shootings. You can obviously supplement the Light Shooter with a vast variety of accessories, like a Beauty Dish or a transillumination umbrella, to achieve special light reflections.

The Light Shooter can either be mounted to the flash mount shoe on the camera, or on a tripod, where it can be operated via Sync Cord or the radio remote trigger. The flash has two slave functions, so that it can be triggered via the integrated photoelectric cell Several Light Shooters can thus be used at the same time.

How can I otherwise trigger the Light Shooter?

Simply either via a normal Sync Cord with 3.5 mm jack plug, or via a radio remote trigger like the walimex pro Operator USB, or directly via the hot shoe contact of the camera hot shoe.

Operation is intuitive, all settings can be made via the control panel. The flash output can be regulated in one third aperture stages from 1/1 to 1/128 of the power, i.e. via 7 apertures.

The Light Shooter is suitable for which applications?

The Light Shooter is the ideal companion for all applications outside the studio.

a) On Location, e.g. event photography 
No matter whether indoors or outdoors, with the Light Shooter you have enough light at hand. The portable energy source makes you fully independent from the mains supply. A further credit point: The up to 450 triggerings per battery charge give you ample energy for a shooting. On the Light Shooter 360 with Power Porta, the powerpack can even be exchanged.

b) Stroboscope shooting
This enables you to freeze motions or to even visualize complex movement sequences, e.g. a footballer kicking a ball. With a simple formula one can calculate how many flashes one needs to shoot a certain movement sequence and what exposure time is required:
exposure time = number of flashes / flash frequency

The table for flash frequencies can be found in the operating instructions.

Your chance to shoot professional pictures on location – and even with highest flexibility!



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