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Established in Korea in 1972, Samyang Optics Co., Ltd has developed and manufactured a broad range of high-quality optical products. Samyang Optics produces highest-quality optical glasses, industry optics, spyglasses and photo lenses and filters. The company is also globally recognized as a supplier of high-class optics made for the purposes of Closed-circuit television (CCTV).

Over 10 years ago the company began to specialise in the production of lenses and photo-accessories, it released its own brands and soon conquered all Western markets. Samyang's portfolio includes high-quality manual lenses with mounting systems compatible with photo-cameras produced by all major manufacturers. Basic product groups of the brand include wide-angle lenses, telephoto lenses and camera lenses and VDSLR lenses for cine cameras. The recently released Samyang Tilt-Shift lens is currently the most sophisticated lens in Samyang's product line up.

Dynamic development of the company and increasing competitive strength stem from honest work, use of modern technologies, care for professional craftsmanship and communication with the clients which constitute an invaluable source of inspiration for Samyang.

Samyang users value a solid workmanship, precise optics and products at an attractive price. Quality of the product has been also confirmed by a number of tests and positive feedback from journalists, professional photographers and standard users.